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May CoLabs: Shape our strategic supplier and supply chain management strategies

This is another opportunity for agencies and suppliers to help us design the future of government procurement.

Our next CoLabs will be in-person in central Wellington on 2 May, from 9:00am to 12:00pm and online on 4 May, from 1:00pm to 4:00pm (as three separate sessions).

Get involved in the procurement for the future programme

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To join us, please complete our registration form before 5pm, Friday 14 April.

Participate in a procurement for the future CoLab – Wufoo

We’ll be in touch by Monday 15 April to confirm final attendance.

If you'd like to discuss anything before registering, email the Procurement for the future team.

The topics

How do we determine if a government supplier is strategic? And why does it matter?

This project could see significant changes to how strategic suppliers are contracted and relationship-managed by government.

It’s part of wider plans to increase coordination between agencies, improve relationship management with key strategic suppliers and reduce the cost of doing business with government.

We’ll discuss the background to this initiative, outcomes we’re looking for and present some initial thinking regarding the criteria for strategic supplier. We’re keen to hear your thoughts on what defines a strategic supplier.

How can government procurement help strengthen supply chain resilience?

One of our challenges is ensuring that we have resilient supply chains for critical goods and services. Government needs to understand the performance, vulnerabilities and resilience of strategic supply chains and suppliers; reduce reliance on single sources; and protect Aotearoa New Zealand from shortages of critical goods.

We want to hear from you about the procurement levers and practices that could be used to strengthen strategic supply chain resilience. We’re also keen to understand what other work is going on around government or industry in this area.

It’s ground zero. We see this exploratory session as the start of things – working together to explore ideas and shape this project.

What key supply-chain management competencies do we need to grow?

We have a mission to attract, connect and grow people with the capabilities needed to create better experiences of government procurement.

In this session we want to zero in on what you think these key capabilities and competencies are, related to the specific areas of supplier chain management and strategic supplier management.

Your ideas will add directly to our wider work to develop a procurement professional development roadmap.