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Using the risk financing and insurance contract

This page provides step by step instructions on how to use the All-of-Government (AoG) risk financing and insurance contract. You may also find additional resources on this page.

Agencies can participate in the Risk Financing and Insurance Intermediary Services contract individually or as a cluster. You should contact us to discuss whether there is a cluster available to participate in.

Agencies need to sign an LoA to join the contract.

Using an Individual Services Order (ISO)

An ISO is used when it is not appropriate for a participating agency to be part of a cluster. The participating agency can access the AoG contract for their independent arrangements with the provider panel.

  • 1
    Choose a provider

    Contract directly with a panel provider by choosing a preferred supplier or by running a closed tender across two or more panel providers.

  • 2
    Negotiate service delivery terms

    Negotiate customised service delivery terms and conditions with your provider (captured within the Services Order - Schedule 3 of the Services Agreement).

  • 3
    Sign and return the ISO
    End of process

Using a Group Services Order (GSO)

A GSO is used when we develop a cluster through a secondary procurement process. Each participating agency in the cluster will enter into a GSO.

  • 1
    Consult with New Zealand Government Procurement

    We work with agencies to identify common risk profiles and appetites across multiple agencies and cluster these agencies together. Agencies can contact us directly if they are interested in joining a cluster. We can provide advice and templates to agencies wanting to form their own cluster.

  • 2
    Secondary procurement process (SPP)

    We will manage the SPP with the closed provider panel, representing the collaborative needs of the agencies participating in the cluster. Participating agencies will then sign a GSO with the chosen provider.

  • 3
    Sign and return the GSO

    If there is no suitable cluster available for your agency, you can manage your risk financing and insurance arrangements under an ISO. You will be able to transition to a GSO once a cluster is available.

    End of process

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