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PEPPOL capabilities and associated services (including e-Invoicing)

Part of: Finance ICT Services Syndicated

This contract covers the provision of PEPPOL capabilities and associated services, allowing the adoption of a standard approach to e-Invoicing.

Key details


Current View dates



Lead agency

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

What’s covered

  • E-Invoices – ability to receive and send e-Invoices.
  • Connector services – ability to provide an interface to FMIS software and other applications (P2P, Accounts Receivable) that may not natively support e-Invoicing.
  • Document translation services offered by the supplier to minimise the changes required to the finance systems in order to receive and send e-Invoices (including validation and mapping services).
  • PEPPOL SMP to confirm and clarify the ability to query/lookup and determine whether an organisation can send/receive an e-Invoice.
  • E-Procurement – ability to send and receive other e-procurement documents including purchase order, invoice response and self-billing invoices.
  • Adherence to and enforcement of the A-NZ industry practice statement for invoice content
    • Invoice Response Capability.
  • Ability to report on the usage of e-Invoicing by participating agencies.

What’s not covered

  • Accounts Payable/Account Receivable operational processing (Business Process as a Service).
  • Banking and payment processing services.
  • ICT hardware.
  • ICT software that is not directly related to e-Invoicing and/or streamlining of Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable processes.
  • ERP software solutions and services, except e-Invoicing specific modules or add-ons.

How it works

The buyer’s guide outlines what each panel provider offers and their rates. Once you have completed a non-disclosure agreement you can review the guide, select your preferred provider, sign the contract (provided along with the buyer's guide) and begin to discuss your specific implementation and ongoing agency requirements.

For help assessing your current capability for e-Invoicing email the e-Invoicing team.

You should gain a good insight into the variations of service that can be provided depending on your requirements and current set-up.

Features and benefits

By adopting e-Invoicing through a PEPPOL services provider, agencies will be able to achieve the following:

  • Send and receive e-Invoices
  • Reduce invoice process costs for the agency, their suppliers and customers
  • Shorten payment cycles to suppliers
  • Reduce manual handling and error correction through automation
  • Reduce fraud through the use of a secure network and by verifying invoice senders

Dates and renewal details

Start date:
Current term end date:
Contract Terms:
Three years + two rights of renewal of two years
Renewals left: two

Joining this contract

Email the Procurement team in the first instance with any queries or to request the buyer’s guide. A signed non-disclosure agreement will be required prior to supply of the buyer’s guide.