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​Check if your agency is eligible to purchase from the New Zealand Government collaborative contracts, post tenders on GETS and access subsidised procurement training.

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment Hīkina Whakatutuki (as Procurement Functional Leader for the New Zealand Government) applies an eligibility test when assessing an agency’s eligibility to use any collaborative contracts, post tenders on GETS and access subsidised procurement training.

Any agency that is part of the New Zealand Public Sector or on the other eligible agencies list is automatically eligible. If your agency is not automatically eligible, it can apply for eligibility.

Collaborative contracts

Government Electronic Tender Service (GETS)

What is the 'public sector'? - Te Kawa Mataaho Public Service Commission

See a list of other eligible agencies:

Mandated and eligible agencies

Eligibility test

The eligibility test applies on an elimination basis.

For the purpose of the eligibility test, the phrase “central or local government” means any of the following:

  • the Crown (including the Governor General)
  • the Ministers of the Crown or
  • any of the persons, organisations or entities that are in the New Zealand Public Sector.

Is your agency a “subsidiary” (as that term is defined in section 5(1) of the Companies Act 1993) where all voting rights and rights to receive distributions are held directly or indirectly by central or local government?

Your agency will satisfy this test if it is 100% owned (directly or indirectly) by central or local government.