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​​Using the electricity contract

This page provides step by step instructions on how to use the All-of-Government (AoG) electricity contract.

​​Using this contract

  • 1
    Determine your needs

    This may include:

    • Reviewing your current electricity contract, to identify your current supplier and contract expiry date.
    • Understanding the number and type of meters that require electricity supply.
    • Preparing a list of sites and the installation control point (ICP) unique number for each site or meter.
    • Identifying if any of your sites require embedded generation (EG) arrangements and pricing.
    • Considering any significant changes to your electricity consumption, either short or long-term, during the contract term, eg office relocation, or increase of electrical vehicle (EV) fleet.
    • Giving yourself enough time (at least six months) to get the best deal.
  • 2
    Contact us

    Eligible agencies or schools interested in joining the secondary procurement process (SPP) should contact us to:

    Sign a joining form to confirm acceptance of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). We will then work with you to determine the tranche that best meets your needs.

    Provide accurate data about your supply needs and sites, (e.g. information from last 12 months invoices).

    Complete the electricity site details and contract representatives form. A RealMe login is needed to complete the form. 

    Joining this contract

  • 3
    Secondary procurement process

    We aggregate the agencies’ information and ask suppliers to submit pricing for the pre-determined energy load and number of sites in the tranche.

    Suppliers are given four weeks to respond.

    We evaluate the proposals which typically takes three weeks.

    We then provide you a report summarising:

    • number of offers
    • term length of offers
    • the pricing validity periods
    • expected charges, and
    • recommendation based on best value for money.
  • 4
    Accepting the offer

    Read the summary report and consider the recommendation, engage with your internal stakeholders and commence your internal approval process.  

    To accept the offer, you have to sign a service order (SO) with the supplier(s). The SO will include sites to be supplied, the start date, term, charges, and any other additional terms.

    Once the SO is counter-signed by the supplier(s), you will transition to the new pricing and supplier(s) (if applicable) as soon as the current contract expires.

    If you decide to decline the offer, please email the Utilities team informing the reason.

  • 5
    Executing the Service Order and daily operation

    You are now participating in the AoG Electricity contract and should:

    • set up billing/payment with supplier(s) (e-Invoicing option is available from some suppliers).
    • manage operational relationships with the supplier(s).
    • work with supplier(s) on broader outcomes and energy savings.
    • escalate any unresolved issues by emailing the Utilities team.
    • manage the Service Order (SO), contact the Utilities team 12 months before the SO expires.
    End of process