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Courier services

Part of: Logistics Office Syndicated

This contract offers domestic and international courier services at competitive courier rates.

Key details


Current View dates



Lead agency

Accident Compensation Corporation

What's covered

The courier services contract covers:

  • Courier products and services
  • Technology and systems
  • Purchase to pay

The following value-adds are also available through the contract:

  • NZ Post will be carbon neutral by 2030
  • Fully recyclable paper bags implemented by the end of this year
  • NZ Couriers have a commitment to reduce carbon emissions
  • Service standards
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Training
  • Product and service requests
  • Product returns
  • Nationwide courier services
  • Urgent and same day services
  • Pick up and collection of international courier consignments
  • Schedule runs
  • Delivery of consignments
  • Sensitive information consignments
  • Misplaced, damaged or lost consignments
  • Incorrect address and undeliverable consignments
  • Security and confidentiality
  • Exclusions and prohibited consignments
  • Helpdesk services

Agencies have access to standardised service descriptions, appropriate terms and conditions of supply, and a consistent engagement process.

What's not covered

Heavy freight haulage and sea freight shipments.

Dates and renewal details

Start date:
Current term end date:
Contract Terms:
Three years + one right of renewal of two years
Renewal left: none

Buyer's guide

Joining this contract

If you are interested in this contract, read the buyer's guide and complete the pre-joining letter found in the buyer's guide (Appendix 1), and scan and email it to procurement@acc.co.nz.