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Courier services

Part of: Logistics Office Syndicated

This syndicated contract offers domestic and international courier services at competitive courier rates.

Key details


Current View dates



Lead agency

Accident Compensation Corporation


Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) has established a supplier panel to provide domestic and international courier services to eligible agencies.

This syndicated agreement:

  • provides agencies with easy access to quality courier services and, depending on an agency’s needs, improved value for money
  • standardises service descriptions, terms and conditions of supply and the engagement process across participating agencies.

What's covered

The courier services contract covers:

  • Courier products and services
  • Access to online delivery management
  • Purchase to pay
  • Scheduled courier runs
  • Urgent and same day point-to-point domestic services
  • Special services, such as unusual, fragile, temperature-sensitive or hazardous shipments
  • Ministerial courier services between Parliament and government agencies
  • Specially managed sensitive information consignments
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Training
  • Helpdesk services
  • Domestic pick-up, for international delivery in partnership with international carriers

The New Zealand Couriers’ contract also offers the following benefits:

  • New Zealand Couriers are certified Toitū Carbonreduce.
  • New Zealand Couriers are working with Toitū to prepare annual emissions reporting for provision to agencies and expect by mid-2022 to be able to provide independently verified GHG emissions data suitable for use in an ISO 14064-1:2018 compliant inventory.
  • New Zealand Couriers are working in partnership with saveBOARD to enable the up-cycling of their courier satchels.

What's not covered

Heavy freight haulage and sea freight shipments.

Dates and renewal details

Start date:
Current term end date:
Contract Terms:
Three years + two right of renewal of two years
Renewal left: two

Supplier panel

In progress – the lead agency is reviewing an additional supplier for exclusively international consignments. For more details email the ACC procurement team.

Joining this contract

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Commercially sensitive content

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This section contains information which may be commercially sensitive and should not be shared publicly.

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Roles and responsibilities

Participating agencies will:

  • be responsible for their own relationship with their supplier, including payment and co-ordination of performance during delivery of each piece of work
  • be invited to six-monthly whole-of-syndicate meetings, led by ACC.

ACC will:

  • manages the syndicated contract as the primary point of contact with the panel
  • lead the six-monthly whole-of-syndicate meeting
  • be the point of contact for participating agencies who want to escalate a concern or dispute.