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Welcome to new procurement graduates!

A very warm welcome to our new starters on the procurement graduate programme this year!

Group of eight graduates with Carolyn Tremain

Eight new procurement graduates met with Carolyn Tremain, Chief Executive of MBIE and Functional Leader for Procurement.

The eight new procurement graduates started off their two-year stint in the programme with a three-day induction in Wellington. For most graduates, it would be their first full-time role for a government agency so there was a lot to learn about working the public sector, especially procurement.

Our graduates met with Carolyn Tremain, Chief Executive of MBIE and Functional Leader for Procurement, and got a sense of the importance of good procurement and the aspirations she had for future leaders in the profession. They also completed a demystifying procurement workshop where they came up to speed with the principles, Government Procurement Rules and the concept of public value.

Meeting second year graduates and the growing alumni cohort was one of the highlights of the induction. Their more experienced peers shared with the new intake how to make the most of the placement opportunities and talked about the projects they were supporting and leading in their roles. It was a fantastic opportunity for the 2021 cohort to see how they could shape their careers through the programme and beyond.

About the procurement graduate programme

The procurement graduate programme has been running since 2014. Starting with a small group of four graduates based in Wellington, the programme has grown to take on 18 graduates who are based in Auckland and Wellington.

Last year we received more than 500 applications for the 2021 intake of the procurement graduate programme. Applications for the 2022 intake will open later this year.

For more information, visit our graduate programme page.

Graduate programme