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Recapping our 2023 CoLab series

colab participants
Participants from the CoLab discussing each topic in their designated areas.

Procurement for the Future, our vision for government procurement, is all about working with suppliers and government agencies to improve the government procurement system.

Throughout 2023, we held design workshops for agencies and suppliers to come together and collaborate and help us shape the Procurement for the future (PftF) vision.

More information on the Procurement for the Future vision

We want to thank everyone who participated in these CoLabs. It has been great seeing everyone come together as one. The ideas and insights you shared for each CoLab topic have helped us make great strides in our thinking, and on our projects supporting continuous improvements to government procurement.

What have you helped us accomplish this year?

You’ve helped us refine the Key Performance Indicators we will use to measure the success of the Procurement for the Future programme.

For the Procurement Platform Project, you’ve shared the important capabilities you need as suppliers or buyers in a one-stop-shop procurement platform – like a supplier self-service portal, and automatic data capture to reduce cumbersome administrative work.

In our Data and Transparency work, we now understand what types of data would make your role as a buyer or supplier easier. You’ve shared insights into procurement practices and spending patterns, which has helped improve our GETS and AoG collaborative contracts dashboards. The next versions of these come out in early 2024.

View the data dashboards

Participants from the CoLab sitting down together to discuss a topic.

Participants from the CoLab sitting down together to discuss a topic.

You’ve also helped inform and test principles and process models for the Next Generation Collaborative Contracts framework. We now have a better understanding of what would better help agencies and suppliers engage in collaborative contracts.

We plan to continue the good work in 2024 and beyond. Keep an eye on the website for updates and future opportunities to get involved.

Lastly, a message from Laurence Pidcock, General Manager of New Zealand Government Procurement, thanking everyone for their mahi and contribution to our CoLabs and wishing everyone a safe and Meri Kirihimete and Ngā mihi o te Tau Hou.

Hear Laurence Pidcock, General Manager of New Zealand Government Procurement thank everyone for their contribution to the CoLabs held in 2023 and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Duration: 0:31

Kia ora everybody,

Just wanted to give a quick thank you message for all of your inputs and time this year in our CoLabs and our various engagements.

We will be doing some more CoLabs next year as well as a number of other engagements.

It's been fantastic to have all your inputs, informed a whole bunch of work programmes.

All I want to say today though is, thank you very much, wish you a very merry Christmas and happy new year.

Kia ora.