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Positioning procurement for the future – what is in a name?

Part of: All-of-Government Procurement news

The working title for the large programme of work that will position procurement for the future is Procurement 2.0. Some see it as a reset. The name is less important than the intention to collectively examine (and improve/elevate) the current government procurement system to meet future economic, social and environmental challenges.

We need to create the right pathways and processes with empowered people to deliver better outcomes for New Zealanders.

The three strategic focus areas are:

  • data and transparency
  • working together as one
  • unlocking value.

In the meantime, a quick recap of work that is underway.

Following agreement/endorsement of the cabinet paper in November 2021, we are currently developing a system strategy – to share our vision for the future government procurement system. In parallel, we are designing what projects should be including in the Procurement 2.0 programme. For the next month we will test and refine the proposed projects with a collection of stakeholders from public service graduates to chief procurement officers, in the government procurement system, through to private sector peers. We will use feedback from these stakeholders to refine project phasing, key milestones, prioritisation, and ensure the key dependences across the programme are understood.

We are looking forward to sharing the Government Procurement system strategy and the 2.0 programme plan with you in April. There’ll be an opportunity to provide feedback on the strategy in May.

In parallel with designing the 2.0 programme, over the next six months, Sean Barnes, working in New Zealand Government Procurement, on secondment from Ākina Foundation will be identifying initiatives in the wider procurement system that highlight the great work that is already positioning procurement for the future. This may be a combination of projects already underway or in infancy. These initiatives will be collated into a 6 month "Act Now" plan that will provide the direct support required as well as capturing and sharing learning. We see this as vital to build momentum and celebrate the success of the great things happening. And for us to learn things that inform the Procurement 2.0 programme itself.

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Positioning Procurement for the Future webinar - YouTube

Government procurement: Refreshing strategic priorities [PDF, 318 KB]

Published: 3 February 2022

Cabinet paper seeking agreement to proposals to refresh strategic procurement priorities and position New Zealand’s government procurement for the future.

Government procurement: Refreshing strategic priorities – Minute of Decision [PDF, 144 KB]

Published: 3 February 2022

Cabinet agreed to proposals to refresh strategic procurement priority areas and the programme of work to position New Zealand’s government procurement for the future.