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New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) awards Maritime Fleet Sustainment Service contract – Hāpai Taua Manuao to Babcock New Zealand

A recent contract signing between the Chief of Defence Force, Air Marshal Kevin Short and Babcock‘s New Zealand General Manager, James Morton represents another proud moment for New Zealand Government Procurement (NZGP)’s Commercial Pool.

Under the Hāpai Taua Manuao contract, Babcock will provide asset management services to the entire Royal New Zealand Navy fleet. This includes engineering, project management, production and operational support for frigates through to small craft.

Babcock Australasia CEO David Ruff says: “We are very proud of our long-standing partnership with the NZDF and of our contribution to keeping New Zealand and its Pacific partners safe and secure.”

Air Marshal Kevin Short highlights the collaborative nature of the partnership with Babcock: “One of the unique elements of the contract is that these services are delivered by a team comprised of Babcock employees, Royal New Zealand Navy personnel and NZDF civilians.”

The new contract has a strong focus on environmental and social outcomes. James Morton says: “Babcock is aiming for our New Zealand operations to be one of the first carbon-zero dockyards in the world. As a part of this contract we’ll be training over 100 early career science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) apprentices and graduates and we will be increasing opportunities and collaboration with New Zealand small and medium-sized businesses through Babcock’s supply chain.

“Babcock is focused on building long-term partnerships within the New Zealand supply chain, and in particular with Māori and Pasifika businesses. Our supply chain partners are key to our capability and our focus on delivering for our customer. We are looking forward to continuing our productive and valued relationships with them.”

The Hāpai Taua Manuao project was delivered by a collaborative project team of both buyer and supplier personnel. This unique approach ensured the outcomes for the Royal New Zealand Navy were delivered on time and against challenging conditions. NZGP’s Commercial Pool worked closely with NZDF commercial services and logistics command to develop the commercial strategy and delivered the project.

Michael Hiscox, NZDF Project Director deployed from the Commercial Pool says, “We couldn’t be happier to support NZDF and their strategic maritime partner Babcock through to the contract signing. NZGP’s Commercial Pool works alongside existing government teams to provide advice and support to government agencies on their important commercial projects.

“As a team, we put collaboration front and centre. To succeed and solve commercial challenges in this complex environment, we needed to work together as partners.”

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