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Michael Hiscox awarded CIPS fellowship

Our own Michael Hiscox has been recognised for his valuable contribution to the procurement and supply profession by CIPS – the world’s largest professional body for procurement and supply.

Headshot of Michael Hiscox

Michael Hiscox

We’re all immensely proud of Michael’s recognition for his strong procurement career and

achieving the highest grade of CIPS (Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply) membership. A CIPS fellowship represents outstanding knowledge and experience in procurement and supply, and passion to advance the profession for public good.

Michael has been with MBIE since 2016, working primarily in the Commercial Pool, a team of skilled and experienced commercial experts who support government agencies on challenging projects. He also led the broader outcomes of government procurement programme in its initiation phase and is now the Manager of the Commercial Pool. The development and negotiations of the $1 billion Maritime Fleet Sustainment Services contract for New Zealand Defence Forces and Babcock International Group is an example of some of the work that Michael’s been supporting in recent years.

Well done Michael on this impressive recognition and we look forward to your ongoing support of the profession as a Fellow of the Institute.

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