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International procurement expert gets a glimpse at New Zealand’s approach

Gerry Walsh, Carolyn Tremain, Margaret Pearson, Mark Richards and John Ivil at CIPS conference
Global CEO of CIPS, Gerry Walsh with MBIE Chief Executive, Carolyn Tremain and NZGP’s Margaret Pearson, Mark Richards and John Ivil.

This month NZGP hosted a leading international procurement expert who was in Wellington for the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) conference.

The Global CEO of CIPS, Gerry Walsh visited NZGP and met with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) Chief Executive, Carolyn Tremain, who is Government Procurement Functional Leader.

John Ivil, General Manager, NZGP says it was great to make the most of this visit by Gerry Walsh and discuss a range of procurement issues. New Zealand is seen as a world leader in government procurement and there is genuine interest in the lessons we are learning as we push the boundaries in this space.

“Internationally, people are intrigued with our principles based approach to procurement, rather than the more prescriptive legislative approach that most other countries have in place,” says John.

As the professional body for the procurement profession, CIPS is dedicated to excellence in procurement, drawing attention to new ideas and initiatives around the world. Being CIPS qualified is one way to demonstrate certain standards, education or experience in the profession and NZGP supports more public servants gaining these qualifications.

Mark Richards, Director Capability Services, NZGP presented at the CIPS conference. Mark says whether you’re buying hospitals or stationery, NZGP is striving to ensure there are high standards and expectations within the procurement process.

“One area where NZGP is seen as leading the way is in our work lifting the capability of government procurement professionals. Our graduate programme has been incredibly successful, for example,” says Mark.