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How the Procurement Capability Index can support your agency

The Procurement Capability Index (PCI) agency self-assessment is underway for 2021. The assessment is used by senior leadership to understand agency strengths and opportunities for improvement.

It takes an agency wide view of procurement capability and covers the complete cycle of procurement across eight categories.

Not only does the assessment measure the maturity of an agency’s procurement capability, it also sets annual and long-term targets, and monitors capability development over time. The built-in benchmarking allows agency users to compare the previous year targets with current scores.

The annual PCI submission provides New Zealand Government Procurement with a snapshot of procurement capability across agencies. We use this information to help identify capability improvement initiatives across government and offer targeted support to agencies. For example, one outcome from the 2020 PCI submission was the building capability PCI workshop that we ran with a group of government agencies to discuss how to develop procurement capability across the public sector.

To submit your PCI, nominated agency users should have first received an email notification with information on how to access the tool. If you have not received an email and would like guidance email the procurement team.

When you’re submitting the PCI assessment, please complete the final section 'PCI feedback survey' which allows us to develop strategies based on if you are:

  • willing to offer support to other agencies by sharing your experiences and insights gained from the PCI;
  • seeking support from other agencies in building capability in e lower-performing areas as defined within your PCI submission

Read about the Procurement capability index self-assessment tool and Building capability PCI workshop.

Procurement capability index

Building capability PCI workshop

Visit Hīkina - Learning for Government Procurement and Property to access case studies from agencies that support the use of the PCI self-assessment tool.

Hīkina - Learning for Government Procurement and Property

Note: to access the video content you will need to be logged into Hīkina, go to Hīkina video library and scroll to the bottom of the screen to the 'Procurement Capability Index (PCI) videos'.