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Hīkina – building government procurement capability

NZGP’s online training system, Hīkina, is helping to build public sector capability in procurement, one of the fastest growing professions in Australasia. Hīkina currently offers training in three areas.

Social services procurement and capability training

We offer training covering cultural competency and contract management for staff involved in social services procurement. The training includes online and face to face learning focused on understanding different cultural perspectives and good practice when working with social services providers.

Find out more about the social services procurement and capability training on Hīkina.

Procurement training

Whether you are starting out in procurement or refreshing your skills, these courses cover best practice and the latest updates to the Government Procurement Rules.

Check out the procurement section and you will also find an introduction to the Government Procurement Rules (4th Edition) and brand new modules “Debriefing suppliers” and “Early market engagement”.

Hīkina – Procurement courses

Broader outcomes training

Explore the extensive information we have in the broader outcomes section. Start with broader outcomes basecamp. This describes broader outcomes and explains the concept of public value. Other modules include “Ensuring employment standards are met through procurement” and “Increasing access for New Zealand businesses”.

New to this section is a module on “Using procurement to ensure health and safety requirements are met” and a must see video of a panel discussion on broader outcomes. The module on fleet emissions – “Reducing emissions from the government fleet” helps you access vehicle emissions profiles and identify methods to reduce fleet size and/or usage.

Hīkina – Broader outcome courses

Over time we will be adding more training, so make sure you watch this space!

Hīkina can be accessed from our website. To access Hīkina, users need to be a government staff member and use their RealMe login to access the training.

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