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Digital procurement programme

We are working on a number of projects to build a digital e-procurement ecosystem to support government agencies and businesses.

We’re aiming to:

  • Reduce barriers for businesses by providing an intuitive experience and access to relevant and timely information;
  • Enhance the efficiency, effectiveness and transparency of government procurement processes by improving existing systems and introducing new ones; and
  • Promote a data framework that improves access to quality data, allows us to generate meaningful insights and demonstrate progress.

Government Electronic Tender Service upgrade

We are migrating the Government Electronic Tender Service (GETS) website to the Microsoft Azure cloud. This allows us to provide better performance for one of our most used websites.

  • Completed

Conflict of Interest tool

The Conflict of Interest (COI) management tool allows agencies and schools to communicate, manage and digitally record procurement project conflicts. Originally developed by the New Zealand Inland Revenue Department - Te Tari Taake, we have modified and enhanced the tool for agencies to use.

  • Released from BETA, 1 July 2021
  • Currently on-boarding agencies. If you are interested in using this tool contact your account manager or email the Procurement team

RFx and contract builder

The RFx and contract builder is application designed to guide agency users through the process of creating commonly used documents and contract templates. By using digital clause libraries organisations can reduce risk and the time required for legal review.

  • Focus group testing in-progress
  • Planning go-live activities
  • Go-live October 2021

Procurement catalogue system

The procurement catalogue system (PCS) allows agencies participating in AoG, common capability and syndicated contracts to conduct procurement activities on a secure platform. The PCS will provide an improved and transparent reporting capability as well as elegant and accessible user experience.

  • User stories in development
  • Formal requirements to be defined

Digital procurement tools

We are investigating different types of digital procurement tools to help agencies and schools evaluate tenders, manage contracts and supplier relationships. The tools will meet a range of agency needs and budgets.

  • Product(s) in definition phase to finalise the offer/benefit to agencies
  • Approval to approach the market