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Creating employment opportunities through government procurement

From 1 October 2021 government agencies must consider how they can create quality employment opportunities through their procurement activities and monitor them in government contracts.

Quality employment opportunities means opening up work opportunities to a more diverse range of employees and contractors than suppliers would normally engage with.

Special attention should be paid to the following groups:

  • Māori
  • Pacific peoples
  • women
  • the young
  • people with disabilities, including living with poor health. 

Since the introduction of the revised Government Procurement Rules on 1 October 2019, the Government has directed agencies to achieve greater public good through procurement decisions. This new Rule will encourage suppliers to prioritise diversity and quality employment opportunities in their workforce.

Using the collective spend by government agencies has the potential to drive real change if we include additional requirements in our contracts, and of suppliers to be good employers that model modern, worker-friendly business practices.

Just as we are requiring contracts to make clear how they will contribute to climate change targets, or how they will foster greater access to government contracts for Māori businesses, we are now asking government agencies, through their suppliers, to create and monitor quality employment opportunities.

Rule 18A: Quality employment outcomes