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Construction Sector Accord: Launch of NZS 3910 construction contract review

A review of New Zealand’s most commonly used construction contract – NZS 3910 – seeks a reduction in the use of special conditions, increased transparency on risk and easier documentation.

The Construction Sector Accord and the New Zealand Infrastructure Commission Te Waihanga, have commissioned a review of NZS 3910:2013 (NZ 3910). Standards New Zealand Te mana tautikanga o Aotearoa will lead the review.

Revision of NZS 3910 project - Standards New Zealand Te Mana Tautikanga o Aotearoa

A scoping review conducted earlier in the year and led by Standards New Zealand, established an overwhelming consensus from the construction sector that NZS 3910 requires a comprehensive review. The scoping review was commissioned by the New Zealand Construction Industry Council.

“The contract hasn’t been updated since 2013 and hasn’t kept pace with legislative and other changes in the construction sector. That has resulted in a proliferation of special conditions to the standard form for individual projects,” said Ross Copland, Chief Executive of New Zealand Infrastructure Commission Te Waihanga.

“We want to see the industry better able to document contracts quickly and easily, boosting productivity, and we want to see more contracts which embody Construction Accord principles.”

Chris Bunny  co-chair of the Accord Steering Group and Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment Hīkina Whakatutuki

The review of NZS 3910 aims to deliver a standard industry construction contract that is fit for purpose and widely accepted by the sector. In November, Standards New Zealand will seek representatives for a review committee from the construction sector.

The following organisations are parties to a memorandum of understanding signed in late October 2021:

  • Construction Sector Accord
  • Te Waihanga
  • Property Council New Zealand
  • Auckland Council
  • Department of Corrections
  • Ministry of Education
  • Kāinga Ora
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Ministry of Health
  • New Zealand Defence Force
  • Civil Contractors New Zealand
  • Registered Master Builders
  • Specialist Trade Contractors Federation
  • New Zealand Construction Industry Council

Some of the organisations in this list will make direct financial contributions to support the review while others will receive contributions from supporting entities from within the construction sector. The Construction Sector Accord and Te Waihanga acknowledges these organisations and supporting entities for their commitment and support for the revision of NZS 3910.

Read guiding principles on the Construction Sector Accord website.

The Accord - Construction Sector Accord