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To access the Procurement online service, you need a RealMe login. If you've used a RealMe login somewhere else, you can use it here too. If you don't already have a username and password, just select Login and choose to create one.

What's RealMe?

To log in to this service you need a RealMe login.

This service uses RealMe login to secure and protect your personal information.

RealMe login is a service from the New Zealand government that includes a single login, letting you use one username and password to access a wide range of services online.

Find out more at www.realme.govt.nz.

Automated templates – live

The trial phase of automated templates is now live on the New Zealand Government Procurement website.

Trial the automated templates

"It is part of our long-term Procurement for the Future vision to deliver more value to New Zealanders by reducing time spent on repetitive administration so we can work in the strategic space most often," says Lucy Lawrence, Head of System Improvement and Engagement.

Automated templates offer a more efficient and reliable alternative to MS Word templates. Agencies can streamline the legal and procurement document creation process and avoid any inconsistencies or errors that may have occurred with traditional MS Word templates.

Using automated templates also eliminates the risks of using outdated template versions or inaccurately editing standardised sections. Users are guided by the tool to input specific information into the right sections.

We’re very keen to hear how agencies are doing with the tool or to hear any suggestions for improvements.

If you can't find what you need or want help using the automated templates: 

Email us