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AoG consultancy services RFP released

Part of: All-of-Government Procurement news Contract update Consultancy

New Zealand Government Procurement is refreshing the All-of-Government (AoG) consultancy services panel. An RFP  (Request for Proposal) was released through GETS on 18 December 2020. This is an opportunity for new providers to apply to join the panel as well as current suppliers to apply for additional sub-categories.

Refreshing the panel suppliers provides agencies with access to additional suppliers to meet their evolving needs, and achieves broader outcomes by improving access for New Zealand businesses. The terms and conditions and the structure of the panel is not changing.

The refresh is open for six months (until June 2021) to ensure the best opportunity for businesses, particularly small/medium enterprises to apply. Successful applicants will be added to the panel throughout the next six months to ensure timely access to new suppliers and their capability. You will be able to view successful applicants through the Online Panel Directory (OPD). 

The panel gives government agencies easy access to a range of providers across the 11 sub-categories, shown below:

  • accounting
  • assurance
  • audit
  • business change
  • finance and economics
  • human resources
  • marketing and public relations
  • operations management and risk
  • policy, research and development
  • procurement and logistics
  • taxation 

For further information or if you have question please email the professional services team.

View the AoG consultancy services RFP on GETS