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​​Office design: Scenario 2

​This scenario shows how staff would work in a space governed by the principles of utilisation of technology and mobility and adaptability.

Caroline needs to present her recent policy assessment to a senior staff member, James, who is from a different floor. They meet first thing in the morning in a collaborative hub space that includes a visual display unit. Caroline connects her laptop to the display unit and is able to show James the draft paper she developed the previous day with Mark, Sandy and Maree.

James recommends a number of changes. Caroline quickly edits the document during the meeting and emails the latest draft to Mark and Sandy for their review.

Mark has been at the dentist and is now on the train on his way in to work. He reviews the changes and sends his comments from his smartphone.

Similarly, Sandy is not at work. She has a sick child and is working from home, but she is able to respond quickly to Caroline’s email because she can access her work emails from home.

We can see that a mobile and adaptable work environment and effective use of technology allows staff to work wherever and however they need to. These technologies allow staff to work quickly and efficiently. By not limiting the allocation of smart devices to just senior managers, we encourage every staff member to contribute and collaborate to their fullest extent.