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How plans are evaluated

​​Property plans are evaluated by Government Property Group (GPG).

GPG should be engaged throughout the property plan development process to add value and help ensure a robust plan is delivered, and to ensure no surprises during evaluation. Staff from across GPG will be involved in evaluation. This will also help the review process proceed as quickly and smoothly as possible.

​​How plans are evaluated

They’re evaluated on criteria including:

  • the Property Functional Leadership mandate
  • strategy, policy, standards, and guidance published by GPG
  • material and advice in this guidance
  • established industry good practice
  • other general qualities such as overall transparency, quality of detail and clarity.

How GPG uses property plans

GPG uses the property plans to:

  • inform our strategy, planning and analysis
  • provide a key input into benefits management
  • contribute to progress on the Government office accommodation programme
  • identify opportunities for agencies
  • focus support appropriately to agencies.