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​​Agency roles and responsibilities

​The relationship between the lead agency and the participating agencies is one of partnership.

The lead agency can't successfully deliver or operate the building without the cooperation and support of the participating agencies.

Lead agency

Project delivery phase responsibilities

  • Hold the Head Lease with the developer.
  • Deliver Development Agreement (DA) milestones.
  • Manage the relationship with the landlord or developer.
  • Manage the relationship with the Project Consultancy Team and Main Contractor, providing design direction and formal approvals at major milestones (SHF, MCHF, Soft fit-out).
  • Manage the construction process.
  • Manage the project workstreams (ICT, Health & Safety, Security, Finance, People and change).
  • Manage and coordinate security assessments for the building.
  • Chair and administer the Operational Group.
  • Work with partner agency representatives to ensure functional requirements in the building can be met.
  • Manage the procurement processes for the goods and services provided.
  • Lead security provision for collaborative spaces
  • Comprehensive threat assessment of location and building
  • Facilitate communication platforms for sharing project information with local users (co-location user meetings and others as required).
  • Coordinate overarching move logistics, like dates, access for participating agencies and building day 1 support activities as agreed with partner agencies.
  • Coordinate building opening and blessing.

Building operation responsibilities

  • Manage building management resources like receptionist and facilities manager.
  • Take on the role of lead person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) for the physical environment.
  • Establish new agency on-boarding procedures.
  • Establish and manage governance structures for the operation of the building.
  • Implement and manage financial processes like invoicing.
  • Set up regular reporting structures to the participating agencies on operational spend.
  • Manage shared building resources and services provided as part of the co-location agreement.
  • Cooperate with Health and Safety working groups for the building.
  • Maintain a safe and secure physical environment for all occupants.
  • Establish and maintain relevant documentation to support the operation of the building. This includes a site emergency plan, incident management plans and building user guides.
  • Establish and manage communication channels for building and technology infrastructure notifications.

Participating agencies

Project delivery phase responsibilities

  • Provide review and feedback on design prior to major milestones.
  • Participate in the project’s operational group.
  • Actively participate in project workstreams (ICT, Health & Safety, Security, Finance, People and change).
  • Provide input into procurement process for goods and services provided (as agreed by the co-location).
  • Manage relationships with internal stakeholders like PSA delegates, local users, non-local senior management and HR.
  • Manage internal parallel change projects - for example, changes in ICT, internal processes, and team and people resource changes.
  • Manage internal communication channels for the project.
  • Ensure local functional requirements are communicated to the lead agency, including providing direct contact with appropriate local stakeholders and agency specialists, for example in ICT or security.
  • Manage security requirements for collaborative spaces
  • Manage agency-specific communications with external stakeholders and vendors - like changes in vendor contracts or change of address notifications.
  • Manage internal move and relocation processes.

Building operation responsibilities

  • Actively participate in governance structures.
  • Work in a cooperative way with the lead PCBU as a participating PCBU.
  • Actively participate in health and safety working groups for the building.
  • Provide input into the relevant operational documentation of the building.


Project delivery phase responsibilities

  • Provide expertise and guidance on building search and evaluation.
  • Comprehensive threat assessment of location and building (GPG-led projects only)
  • Assist in building negotiations as required by the agencies.
  • Sign-off on property acquisitions.
  • Identify, promote and encourage commonalities to be leveraged, likeprocurement, design and infrastructure.
  • Be an escalation point for disputes.
  • Support co-locations to fill surplus space and manage exits and entries into the co-location.
  • Endorse key project documentation, such a Project Initiation Documents (PIDs), accommodation briefs and business cases.
  • Support the establishment of governance structures, MoUs and working arrangements.
  • Make sure project support is available.

Building operation responsibilities

  • Facilitate agency exits and entries.
  • Be an escalation point for disputes.
  • Provide a brokering service to help fill any surplus space.