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Government Property

Government Property Group

We support managing and coordinating government office accommodation needs by working collaboratively with agencies.

Our role includes property advice, and setting standards and guidelines for 61 Crown agencies. We work with agencies on office space and public interface property requirements, excluding operational sites with a specific purpose, such as hospitals, schools and residential property.

We are responsible for delivering the Government Office Accommodation Programme, and Government expectations for property by refocusing the way we organise, coordinate and connect government services through smarter property planning.

Through these functions, Government Property Group, part of the New Zealand Government Procurement and Property branch at the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, helps deliver the property Functional Leader responsibilities for Government.

What we do

The Government Property Group planning and advisory team collaborates with agencies on:

  • property portfolio planning and advisory services
  • workplace design and change management advisory services
  • supporting agency’s property planning
  • reviewing and approving lease requests in alignment with the Government Office Accommodation Programme
  • property brokerage

The Government Property Group project delivery team is focused on:

  • planning, managing and delivering co-located property projects within the Government Office Accommodation Programme
  • assisting and collaborating with agencies when they are leading property projects.


Our functions include:

  • approving government property acquisitions and disposals (whether leased or owned)
  • developing national property strategies, principles, standards, tools and processes
  • whole-of-government procurement of property-related goods and services
  • approving agencies’ property plans
  • maintaining the online property management system – the Government Property Portal.

Property functional leadership

Mandated agencies - government property

Government office accommodation

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