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Government Property

Government Property Group

We help agencies in meeting the goals set by Government for the efficient and effective management of the Crown estate.

Property owned or leased by 61 government agencies (core departments and Crown agencies) is covered by the GPG. It includes all offices but excludes sites with a specific purpose, like hospitals, schools and residential property.

The Government National Property Strategy and Principles provides a high-level framework for co-ordinated planning across government's nationwide portfolio of office accommodation and public interface property.

We offer a number of services to government agencies and government departments, including:

  • property management advice
  • workplace design
  • change management
  • brokerage
  • education/knowledge management
  • property project management
  • procurement
  • strategy and research.

What we do

Maximise space

The Government currently occupies approximately 20.5 square metres per office employee. As part of the GPG mandate, agencies have been directed by Cabinet to reduce total life cost of occupancy - including working towards an office space density goal of between 12 - 16 square metres per person. The commercial average or best practice for space per employee is 12 square metres.

Minimise costs

GPG is on track to deliver a forecasted $110 million per year of savings. For the year ending 30 June 2015, a cost of $57.7 million of taxpayer funding was removed from the Crown Office Estate through rental and facilities management reductions.


The group is responsible for:

  • approving all property acquisitions and disposals (whether leased or owned)
  • developing national property strategies, principles, standards, tools and processes
  • in charge of whole-of-government procurement of property-related goods and services
  • approving agencies’ biennial property plans
  • providing an integrated workplace management system (Government Property Portal) for all government agencies.

Property functional leadership

Mandated agencies - government property