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​​Use of technology

Technology is important to support a flexible and adaptable workplace design.


  • Easily adjustable monitor arms and suspending computers under the desktop will give staff significantly more desk area.
  • Staff should be provided with all the tools they need to do their job regardless of their status in the organisation – role over hierarchy.
  • Where it would support productivity, provide technologies that promote mobility (lightweight, high performance, space and power efficient).
  • To maximise productivity and value for money, train staff to be able to use any of the technologies provided throughout the workplace with confidence.
  • Equip communal collaboration areas with appropriate technologies, such as audio visual conferencing, presentation equipment, network cables and Wi-Fi.
  • Set up ‘follow me’ printing capabilities to give staff the flexibility and freedom to work anywhere within the agency’s portfolio, as well as to increase document security.
  • Ensure that all new technologies supplied address any disability requirements adequately.