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Office design: Scenario 3

​Scenario 3 shows how staff would work in a space governed by the principle of safe and secure environment.

Mark arrives at work one morning and is approached in the lobby by a person he does not know. The stranger isn’t wearing appropriate identification and claims to have forgotten his swipe card. He asks Mark to swipe him to Level 7 of the building.

Mark does not do this but directs the stranger to reception to get new identification and access into the private areas of the building. This is fortunate, as this person was not a staff member and should not have access to invited or private office areas.

When Mark arrives at his floor he heads to a communal work space and notices that a nearby team has signposted the area as requiring a higher level of privacy. Even though Mark is wearing his staff identification and is allowed on the floor, he chooses another area to work from, which will allow the neighbouring team a suitable degree of privacy.

Simple, people-based controls can deal with situations which require greater than normal privacy. When staff communicate their requirements clearly and respectfully, understand others’ requirements and have well understood and accepted flexible work environments; they are able to act in a secure manner without having to be security experts – it’s easy for them to do the right thing.