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​​Storage and filing areas

​There are five main types of storage.

Personal storage

  • Flexible working environments
    • On-floor locker (preferably smart lockers) for personal items, storage and personal emergency grab bag.
  • Traditional working environments
    • Below desk mobile drawer storage for work items and a personal emergency grab bag

On-floor team storage

  • Lockable cabinets.
  • Shared high-density storage.

Central in-building storage

  • Central file and records storage for the agency, often managed by a records team.

Off-site storage

  • For archive material, records and files.

Sport lockers

  • Close to shower facilities for clothing and personal hygiene items.

Central in-building storage guidelines

Ensure storage room is located away from natural light or has blockout blinds.

Room humidity and temperature is maintained within standards required by Archives New Zealand.

Rolling type shelving with fixed height shelves for Codafile-type storage is recommended.

All shelving/storage should have a maximum height of 2130mm and be seismically restrained suitable for a Modified Mercalli Scale level 7 event at least. Also provide bungy cords to the front of each shelf for further file earthquake restraint.

All lighting should be sensor controlled.

Ensure there are power and data outlets in the vicinity of the layout table for computer, printer and electric hole punch.

If an appropriate utility area is not located nearby, provide:

  • a layout table to sort filing
  • a flat-deck trolley for file transportation
  • a whiteboard 600mm x 900mm mounted on a wall near the door
  • an electric hole punch.

Consider digitising records and storing them electronically to reduce paper storage requirements and allow faster and more convenient access.