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​​Planning a building’s fit-out

​Providing mobility-enabling technologies, such as wireless networks, and a choice of work settings will allow individual staff to shift their mindset from ‘my desk is my workplace’ to ‘the whole building is my workplace’.

Ensure that the workplace is accessible and useable for both staff and visitors with disabilities. Shared communal and collaborative hub spaces provide more flexibility, offering areas for non-bookable, informal meetings and random social interactions that are important in a dynamic working environment. Such areas also help alleviate the demands on enclosed formal meeting rooms.

Distributing important facilities throughout the building will encourage staff to move more frequently between floors for different activities. This will increase the likelihood of staff having spontaneous interactions, helping reduce silos and isolation of teams, while increasing collaboration.

  • Encourage staff to choose a work setting that best suits their activity and to feel free to vary their choice as they need.
  • Use different methods, such as specific colours and finishes, to delineate areas for specific purposes.
  • Incorporate inter-floor voids in the design where appropriate to help visually connect teams on different floors.

Floor plates

The size and configuration of a typical floor plate, along with the location of the lifts, stairs, kitchens and toilets, will dictate the positioning of collaborative hub spaces.

Work zones should be designed to become quieter as staff move further away from the collaborative hub spaces and high movement areas, with workstations for high-concentration work located the furthest away.