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​​Network and other equipment facilities

Network communication rooms and riser cupboards

Ideally, network communication rooms or riser cupboards should be located:

  • away from public space
  • away from any main building water pipes, ducts or hydraulics
  • in a well-ventilated area that includes air conditioning as required to keep the equipment within optimal operating conditions and air vents to remove dust
  • away from inter-tenancy walls
  • within a securable structure, and there should be two locked security doors requiring swipe-card access between the network communication room or riser cupboard and public area or inter-tenancy space
  • centrally, to reduce cable runs.

The room or cupboard needs to be large enough to hold:

  • server racks
  • power management systems
  • additional cooling if required
  • cable management
  • site connection links.

The walls should be full height from concrete floor to concrete ceiling, lined with at least 9mm plywood on the inside. Access should be larger than standard, for example, double swing doors sufficiently secured.

The flooring should be at least anti-static vinyl or better.

No work stations should be situated within the network communication room or riser cupboard, regardless of the size of the space.

Access to the room or cupboard should be limited to authorised technical services staff or their authorised agents. Other staff should only be permitted entry when they are escorted by an authorised staff member.

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) requirements can be provided and fitted by the agency if required.

If fire standards require water sprinklers, power will need to be able to be terminated and the UPS shut down before any water sprinklers are activated.

Specific fire suppression requirements need to be reviewed for specific sites.

Laboratory space and secure storage

Organisations may require an area for equipment to be tested and built. This area may include multiple power and data points, a bench-type work station and limited access security systems.