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​​Further support

​A range of tools and services is available to support agencies in their property planning.


Property management capability assessment

This tool can be used as a self-assessment or by an independent assessor to determine an agency’s maturity in property management, including planning. Email Government Property Group (GPG) for access to this tool.

Working environment survey

This tool can be deployed to gain an understanding of the workplace environment. This includes which elements are working well, which could be improved, and what changes might have the best impact on performance. GPG may also be able to offer support to draw insights from survey data and advise ways to approach improvements.

Exemplars of good plans, with appropriate redactions, will be shared as agencies agree to share them.


The GPG team is available to assist and advise mandated agencies to develop their plan. It is recommended to engage with us early and at key milestones. We can work with agencies to agree the best engagement points.

A Common Capability Contract is being implemented which includes consultants for property planning and workplace strategy. The consultants on the panel will have capability to assist agencies with property planning. We would not recommend fully outsourcing property planning due to the need to integrate with organisational thinking, culture, strategy and planning across a number of internal stakeholders. This is best done by the property team to build the relationships and embed the property team’s involvement in the wider organisational processes.

Consultants can however be very valuable to test thinking, and bring good practice approaches and independent thinking to the planning and process.

Mandated agencies can email us at any time to discuss these or other services they might find valuable.

Government property mandated agencies

GPG: standards and guidelines

The standards and guidelines suite published by GPG includes workplace, asset management, and lease and facilities management.

Lease and facilities management

Managing office design and fit-outs

Managing lessee assets

Treasury: Long-term investment planning information and guidance

Long-term investment plans describe the investments agencies are intending, including property, over the long-term to contribute to their outcomes. The guidance for developing and maintaining long-term investment plans’ informs how property needs to be included in the investments outlined.

Guidance for developing and maintaining long-term investment plans

Treasury and SSC: Four year plan guide for department’s medium-term planning

Medium-term planning such as four-year plans describe how agencies are resourcing and budgeting their activities, including property, over the medium-term to contribute to their outcomes.

The four-year plan guide informs how property should be integrated with Four-year Plans.

Four-year plan guide

State Services Commission: Planning and managing for results

Planning and managing for results provides planning guidance for Crown Entities, including for their medium-term planning.

Planning and managing for results

Treasury: Benefits guidance

This guidance can be used by practitioners, decision makers and those implementing benefits management in their organisation.

It provides a generic approach that can be tailored to suit your organisation. A set of templates and examples support the guidance.

Benefits guidance

Wellington City Council: Long-term plan forecasting assumptions

The ‘significant forecasting assumptions’ table in the long-term plan provides a good example for how agencies can provide the assumptions used in property planning.

Wellington City Council

NZ Asset Management Support: Good practice manuals and guidelines

Agencies with freehold capital assets may also find these manuals and guidelines useful.

NZ Asset Management Support