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​​Self check questions

​These questions are intended to help agencies challenge their own processes and draft property plan. Agencies can pick questions which test areas they consider might be relevant.

Planning process

  1. Do we clearly understand the underlying drivers for our services and how the property portfolio needs to support these?
  2. Are the strategic intentions clear and do they inform investments and planning?
  3. Do we understand our available planning options and the trade-offs involved with each, and have we shown why the chosen options are the most affordable? If the future appears unaffordable, have we assessed options to close the affordability gap?
  4. What is our capability and capacity for property planning?
  5. How internally joined-up is our planning process, such as with workforce and technology planning, and organisational budgeting and forecasting?
  6. Are we confident all relevant stakeholders are involved and will receive relevant, quality and timely communications during the process?
  7. Do we clearly understand our underlying assumptions?

Lessons learned

  1. Did previous property plans achieve their intended actions and outcomes? What lessons have we learnt?
  2. Was the plan effectively implemented? What evidence do we have?
  3. Did the planning process lead to well informed, timely and effective decisions?

Draft plan

  1. Are we clear on our strategic priorities and objectives? How does the property plan support the strategic priorities?
  2. Have we described a clear and effective governance structure for property planning, decision-making and ongoing management?
  3. Do our systems effectively allocate resources towards prioritised investments?
  4. Have we clearly described what we will achieve, the benefits, and how we will accurately measure these? Does our plan provide the right information (eg, investment priorities across the agency or sector aligned with strategic objectives and programme delivery in consideration of available resources) and support our capital sustainability?
  5. What is our capability and capacity to deliver the plan’s actions?