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Wellington Accommodation Project 1 (WAP1)

WAP1 used a single process to procure central Wellington office accommodation for five large agencies to drive efficiency and effectiveness gains.

WAP1 was a strategy developed by the Government Property Group (GPG) to reduce the amount and cost of accommodation occupied by the Crown in Wellington.

Over the 2012 to 2014 period, GPG led a cross-agency procurement for head office accommodation in Wellington for five agencies; the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Social Development, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Business Innovation & Employment and Crown Law.

The project leveraged the scale of these agencies’ collective need and resulted in a significant reduction in office footprint and cost. The office floor space was reduced by 30 per cent, saving nearly $340 million over the first 20 years.

Crown Law re-located to their new accommodation in mid-2013, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment in late 2014, the Ministry of Social Development in July 2016, the Ministry of Education in 2016 and the Ministry of Health in late 2017.

The overarching benefits from WAP1 for the agencies and the Crown were:

  • An estimated total reduction in area leased of 30 per cent across the five participating agencies, and reduced the potential total operating cost against the status quo by slightly less than $340 million over the 20 years appraisal period.
  • Significant cost avoidance and no requirement for additional funding despite anticipated increases in property costs over the 20 year forecast period.
  • Enabling commonality of workplace design and standards and more effective and flexible accommodation.
  • Enabling a single site for each agency, as opposed to multiple sites previously occupied, enabled enhanced collaboration, effectiveness and cost efficiencies.
  • All new sites had significantly improved efficiency and safety standards, providing greater employee safety and satisfaction and improved business continuity capability.