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Christchurch Integrated Government Accommodation Programme (CIGA)

The CIGA programme provided new office accommodation for approximately 1500 staff from multiple government agencies, helping reinvigorate the central city following the Christchurch earthquakes in 2011.

Fifteen government agencies were co-located across four buildings in central Christchurch with the first opened on 1 December 2015 and the others opening progressively through to 2017. With agencies co-locating or clustered in close proximity to each other, they benefit from shared facilities such as receptions, kitchens and meeting rooms.

The buildings include the new BNZ Centre (stage one) in Hereford Street which houses multiple agencies with Statistics New Zealand as the lead agency, BNZ Centre (stage two) in Cashel Street, Grand Central New Zealand at 161 Cashel Street and Pita Te Hori Centre (formerly the King Edward Barracks site).

The programme illustrates GPG’s work with government agencies to better manage the Crown’s estate by improving effectiveness and efficiency of office accommodation. By working together, agencies can leverage procurement opportunities, and support the fiscally responsible use of taxpayer funding.

Key points:

  • CIGA transformed the government sector from widely spread individual agencies, to co-located government services within a compact central area.
  • All buildings are located in or near Christchurch’s retail precinct.
  • They are all close to Cathedral Square and the bus interchange, making them within easy walking distance of a wide range of central city facilities.
  • Approximately 1500 public servants were housed in the four buildings.
  • New ways of working and using space has encouraged innovation and collaboration across government agencies.
  • For public and staff safety, all buildings are 100 per cent of the New Zealand Building Standard.