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Auckland Accommodation Project

The Auckland Accommodation Project models a new approach to the location and operation of government agencies in Auckland.

The project, initiated in late 2015, looks to consolidate government operations in six customer accessible hubs across Auckland by the end of 2023. The vision in each hub is to consolidate the government property footprint by having either a single government building housing multiple agencies, a campus-style business office park or agencies consolidating into a precinct.

The project focuses on improving the delivery of government services and engaging with communities and customers across the Auckland region by:

  • Working more collaboratively at a system level in Auckland.
  • Aligning and collaborating with Auckland Council across several key outcome areas including education, employment, housing, transport and health.
  • Improving relationships with Auckland stakeholders, communities and customers.

The hubs will be located in Auckland central business district (CBD), CBD fringe, Albany/Takapuna, Henderson, Southern Corridor and Manukau. The Auckland Unitary Plan and Auckland Transport Alignment Project will also be taken into account when considering accommodation co-location decisions.

Three opportunities have been identified for the Auckland isthmus:

  1. To use property solutions to promote the effectiveness and efficiency of the Public Service’s Auckland operations and enable government priorities and goals in Auckland.
  2. To develop property solutions, which place customer needs, citizens and business, at the centre of decision-making.
  3. To develop a new, more effective, operational model whereby government sites in key locations (hubs) are managed by a lead agency on behalf of the co-locating agencies.

We envisage implementation to begin in 2019, starting with the Auckland CBD. We anticipate that many participating agencies will have consolidated their existing footprints across the various hubs by 2024.