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Priority projects

Metropolitan and regional projects aim to deliver on the expectations for government property and over time provide more streamlined and joined-up services for citizens.

We are working on a range of current and future projects. They aim to support the drive to regional growth, co-location opportunities, and a standardised approach to fit-out and design.

Working in collaboration with agencies, and using government property data and information, we plan the pipeline of projects that sit within the Government Office Accommodation Programme.

Government Property Group leads projects where agencies will co-locate together in one building or a campus-style arrangement. Other projects will be led by agency property teams, and Government Property Group will give advice and ensure coordination and alignment with the wider programme.

Metropolitan projects

Government office accommodation projects in metropolitan locations of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch will look at opportunities to co-locate government operations.


The Auckland accommodation project aims, where possible, to co-locate agencies in either a single government building, or as part of campus style precincts, linking to the community and transport routes. Wider unitary planning is part of the planning considerations to ensure there is appropriate alignment.

Accommodation options are being explored in the Auckland central business district, and the ‘hub’ areas of Manukau. Stage one of the procurement for the Manukau Hub, an Registration of Interest (ROI), was issued February 2020. Future projects will look at opportunities in hub areas of Albany, Henderson and the Southern corridor.


The Wellington accommodation project in the central business district aims to look for opportunities to locate aligned government operations in single government buildings where it makes sense to do so. This requires coordinating opportunities, such as lease expiry dates.

Optimising leased office space in Wellington, co-locating agencies together, with common functions in the same building, and or situating agencies in buildings near to each other where it makes sense, creates more joined up government services for citizens, and value.


Work was undertaken to reinvigorate the central city following the Christchurch earthquakes in 2011. Under the Christchurch Integrated Government Office Accommodation (CIGA) programme, 15 agencies were co-located, or clustered in close proximity, with shared facilities such as receptions, kitchen and meeting rooms.

Regional projects

The way we plan and organise government office accommodation in regional New Zealand aims to bring together government services to better support citizen needs. A more joined-up regional arm of government also supports regional development and growth.

Regional growth will be supported with government accommodation integration with local and regional authorities wherever possible.

We work with agencies to plan for accommodation needs and opportunities in the regions, and outer metro areas. This includes using data including future lease expiries, against accommodation opportunities that exist, and alignment with the expectations for government office accommodation.

Wellington Regional Accommodation project

One of the first projects under the revised mandate for government property is looking at opportunities in the Wellington regions.

The aim is to co-locate a number of agencies in suitable accommodation in the Wellington regions to support future government agency growth, modern working including IT capability, and for resiliency planning for big things like natural disasters, and smaller things like commuter disruption.

The process looks at options in the wider Wellington region areas of Hutt Valley, Kapiti, or Porirua city. The first stage, Registrations of Interest, was held in August 2019.

If you have questions or an agency interest in this this project, please email us.

Project governance

Each project will have a governance working group with membership specific to the needs of the particular project.

Membership includes property specialists and general managers from agencies and can also include council membership. Working groups make day-to-day decisions for the individual project by location.

Leadership and guidance from a cross-government working group will feed into the projects. This group represents public sector leadership on: people, resilience, digital technology, health and safety, security, and includes the professional capability, portfolio planning and property design and performance support from Government Property Group. These elements are essential components as part of the development of co-located office accommodation.

The programme steering group, has a decision making function for the Government Office Accommodation Programme as a whole, and has agency representatives at the deputy chief executive level.

If you have questions, please email us.