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Safe and secure environment


  • All staff shall follow occupational safety and health standards published under law and/or by their agency.

Physical building security

  • All workplaces shall meet any security requirements published by the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service.
  • Agencies located within the same building shall use the same access control system.

More information on Protective Security Requirements

Security for agencies in a co-location


  • Workplace access should be based on the level of security required.
    • Public areas, including reception and some meeting rooms, should maximise sharing between agencies and minimise barriers for external guests.
    • Designated invited areas should allow staff to host guests beyond the public area while minimising disruption to the workplace and maintaining business confidentiality and security for other staff members.
    • The private areas should be designed to support staff security and confidentiality.
  • Where there are specific security requirements, some agencies may want to establish additional secure zones within private areas. These secure zones may incorporate electronic and physical security systems.
  • Workplace design should minimise the number of secured access routes or paths within the work environment.
  • The reception counter area should be designed to ensure the safety of staff. This may include barriers and distress alarms.
  • Application of closed circuit television and other security measures should be aligned with the Government Standard Building Performance Specifications.
  • Building access control systems should be capable of operating advanced encryption, and agencies should use a common system type. This will allow controlled movement between buildings, as settings applied in the systems allow, while providing the physical security required.
  • Set up ‘follow me’ printing capabilities to give staff the flexibility and freedom to work and print anywhere across the agency’s portfolio, as well as to increase document security.
  • Set up systems that allow staff to store confidential documents securely and with ease.
  • Clear desk policies will ensure sensitive information is properly secured at the end of each day.

Office design scenario: working in a safe and secure environment