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​​Achieving cost efficiencies through repairs, maintenance and operations

​Getting the best out of a property portfolio and finding ways of effectively reducing operating costs are key responsibilities for an agency’s facilities management team.

Modest changes can generate significant financial benefits.

It is important to establish a base of information for each site within an agency’s property portfolio relating to what the service providers are doing on each site, how often they are doing it and what it costs.

Agencies should identify opportunities where their property portfolios can be managed more efficiently or where services could be improved. Accessing any All-of-Government or Common Capability Contracts which are available for the services required is also strongly recommended.

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It is also important to ensure all facilities management contractors are appropriately performance managed against agreed key performance indicators. It is recommended that a common methodology for scoring essential areas of competency, insurance, safeguarding, solvency, health and safety, sustainability and performance is created. This could be set up using a spread sheet and setting up a scoring system. Setting a minimum acceptable score immediately gives agencies a methodology for assessing whether the contractors on the selection list are of sufficient quality and whether agencies need more contractors to provide a higher level of service. This will also allow the senior management team to see that due diligence has been exercised in procuring services.

Refer to Managing lessee assets for guidance on asset management.