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​​What your leadership team needs to know

If you need to promote the idea of a co-location for your agency with your leadership team, here’s what they need to know.​

  • The workplace is an enabler for organisational performance.
  • New workplace projects are an opportunity to consider improvements to how your organisation works and delivers services.
  • Applying a human-centric design approach that integrates the desired experience for staff and customers, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for organisational success, will help you define a workplace outcome that:
    • responds to your priorities and objectives, and
    • identifies improvements to your service delivery or business process.
  • Defining the workplace outcome you want is important to do early on. It'll inform who you need to be close to, location factors, and security considerations. It’ll also help define specific aspects of the building’s base configuration – such as floor size, core position, and quality pitch.
  • Co-locations can be an effective way to create functional hubs that help people work together to achieve collective goals.
  • Co-locations are an opportunity to explore changes to the way you interact with, and provide services to, your customers.
  • Co-locations need a partnership approach. Your agency will need to be open to creating a solution that meets all participating agencies' needs as best it can.
  • If you’re taking on the role of lead agency you’re taking on:
    • the financial and operational risk associated with managing property
    • accountability for providing a safe and secure physical environment for all occupants.
  • Staying involved is critical to the success of a co-location. Senior leadership involvement needs to be maintained throughout the life of all workplace projects to provide strategic direction.