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Benefits of co-location for agencies

Each property decision your agency makes should help it meet its strategic and functional business goals.

Property decisions also impact the overall performance of the government’s property portfolio. Co-locations can be an effective way to meet both a group of agencies’ or a sector’s collective goals, as well as the government’s property portfolio needs.

Co-locations provide an opportunity for you to:

  • be located with other agencies, functions or sector partners you need to collaborate with
  • provide common customers with a more integrated way to access government services
  • recruit employees in areas where your agency may not have a physical presence
  • provide more attractive and higher quality work environments to your employees. This is particularly helpful for smaller agencies who can’t normally justify providing a wide range of workspaces or amenities
  • have another agency use surplus space in an existing tenancy.

When coupled with the workplace design guidelines and standards, co-locations also benefit the government’s property portfolio goals. This means:

  • achieving flexibility and adaptability by:
    • using common ICT and security infrastructure
    • consolidating accommodation facilities
    • using common furniture solutions.
  • achieving value for money and effectiveness by:
    • leveraging the scale of government to negotiate a better workplace outcome, not necessarily just lower rents or better commercial terms
    • centralising property related procurement costs - by using All-of-Government contracts and through a centralised process
    • minimising the number of buildings government agencies occupy
    • minimising duplication of major facilities - like reception areas and public facing meeting rooms - and ICT infrastructure
    • enabling agencies with less resource capability to leverage off more capable agencies, for ICT, property and security resources, for example
    • using government purchasing panels.
  • raising workplace quality and safety by:
    • enabling smaller agencies to provide higher quality environments to their employees
    • enabling a more consistent approach to security based on the building complex
    • adopting common health, safety and security practices for buildings
    • exposing agencies with less mature security and health and safety practices to agencies with higher capability.