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​​Project deliverables

​There are certain templates, tools and services that both lead agencies and participating agencies need to deliver as part of a co-location project.

We recommend that all parties discuss and agree the project scope as part of the development of a Project Initiation Document (PID) and the MoU. A copy of the PID template is available for mandated agencies. Contact us at info@gpg.govt.nz.

Lead agency deliverables

  • Project management tools and documentation as per the lead agency’s internal templates, eg Project Plans, PIDs, Risk registers, Business Case.
  • Establish governance structures in agreement with participating agencies.
  • Monthly reports across all workstreams - ICT, construction, design and communication.
  • Technical design documentation for the fit-out.
  • Procurement documentation for goods and services for the building.
  • Legal agreements specifically for the building. This includes development agreements, the lease, MoU, and the co-location agreement.
  • Facilities management scope, plan and resources for ongoing building management, with supporting documentation.
  • Change management plan specifically for the building - with support from GPG if needed.
  • Adaptation of change toolkit collateral - with support from GPG if needed.
  • Communication plan and collateral for the project that can be used by each agency, including user guides.
  • Communication with local cluster representatives.
  • Combined induction training for systems and security operations.
  • Security escalation response requirements for heightened security threat levels.
  • Establishment of staff engagement structures in agreement with participating agencies
  • Moving day support activities at a building level, with the scope agreed with partner agencies.
  • Building opening and ceremony.
  • Standard operating procedures for shared ICT components.

Participating agency deliverables

  • Approval processes as agreed with lead agency for key project, financial and design decisions.
  • Ensure local cluster reps communicate key project information and changes to their people.
  • Hold additional staff sessions on the project.
  • Decluttering activities.
  • Moving logistics, including declutter days, move related communications, migration plans, and contracting a moving company.
  • Move day support. The scope for this should be agreed with all participating agencies with regards to IT help, ergonomic assessments and other welcome activities.
  • Staff any resource changes resulting from the facilities management plan for the building.
  • Additional deliverables as agreed by the Operational Group.