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​​Is co-location right for your agency?

​Co-location can help support your agency's organisational objectives and overall performance.

Your agency’s property plan will clearly set out how your property portfolio and workplace solution (physical, virtual and behavioural) will support your organisational objectives, challenges, and priorities. It should also identify possible co-locating opportunities that would support your objectives. We can help you find other agencies looking for accommodation in the same areas as you.

Co-locations can help clusters of organisations, functions or professional disciplines collaborate to achieve their collective goals. They can also allow smaller agencies to pool their resources to get a higher quality workplace.

Establishing a new co-location could be a good solution if you need to:

  • closely align cross-agency functions, such as sector relationships, for a sustained period of time
  • deliver common or cross-agency services, for example if you have common customers
  • accommodate a small number of people - usually less than 50 - in a region
  • combine a compatible group of agencies with similar property timing needs.

Joining an existing co-location may be a good solution if you need to:

  • closely align cross-agency functions for a short period of time - to support a specific project, for example
  • accommodate employees in an area where your organisation wouldn’t normally have a presence.

GPG will consider co-locating compatible agencies as part of any project we lead.