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​​Choosing a lead agency

​A lead agency is critical to the success of a co-location.

The lead agency is responsible for all aspects of the project delivery and has responsibility for managing the facilities.

Choose a lead agency as soon as co-location has been agreed in principle, and before starting the search for a building. All parties should discuss who’s best placed within the group to take on the lead agency role – we can help facilitate this discussion if need be.

Points to consider include:

  • how significant the people presence on site is. A more significant presence is likely to ensure greater stability in the lead agency for the tenancy. Some presence on site by the lead agency is required.
  • the state sector designation of the agency and their relationship to GPG’s mandate. Public service or non-public service departments will generally be better resourced and able to support co-locations. However, it may be appropriate for some Crown Entities to take on this role.
  • capability in managing property and facilities. Consider agencies that:
    • align property strategies with business strategies
    • have robust property project discipline
    • strong facilities management processes including business continuity planning, and
    • clear governance structures in place to manage the issues and risks associated with delivering and managing facilities.
  • capability in managing ICT. Consider agencies that have good ICT resource, sufficient ICT infrastructure capability, and robust ICT project discipline.
  • capability in procurement processes. Consider agencies that have established procurement processes and practices, and sufficient internal resources to help you run procurement processes.
  • mature capability in protective security practices. Consider agencies that have:
    • security processes and plans for assessing, monitoring and responding to threats and risks
    • clear governance structures for reviewing protective security, and
    • security practices for assessing all staff and contractors' suitability for employment.
  • security levels of the participating agencies. The agency with the most complex security needs may be best placed to lead the co-location, particularly given the requirements this will place on management of the site.
  • financial capability. Consider agencies with a good track record in managing investments and assets.

We don’t expect that lead agencies will meet all these considerations. If you can’t come to an agreement, GPG will make the final decision and appoint a lead agency on your behalf.