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Rule 19:
Significant procurement plans

Explains when an agency must submit a Significant Procurement Plan.

  1. An agency must submit to MBIE, for review, procurement plans for procurements that fall into one or more of the following categories:
    1. have an estimated total value over the whole-of-life of the contract of $5 million or more
    2. due to the nature or complexity of the procurement, it would expose the agency or government to significant risks if it were not delivered to specification and within budget and on time
    3. have the potential for cross-government collaboration or resource sharing.

These are called significant procurement plans.

  1. An agency should have regard to the advice and feedback provided by MBIE on its significant procurement plans.
  2. This requirement does not apply where a procurement plan is part of a business case that is subject to review under another governance process (eg Syndicated Contracts (Rule 56) or investment decision reviews (Rule 63)).

More information on procurement plan

A procurement plan is any document that sets out what you intend to procure, how you intend to approach the market and why, how you will evaluate bids and how you intend to contract. If these are covered in another document, eg a business case, send that document to MBIE.

More information about procurement planning and related guides, tools and procurement plan templates are available on the Source your suppliers page.

More information on review purpose

Significant procurement plan reviews enable MBIE to provide support and commercial expertise where needed and identify areas where procurement capability development should be focused. The review is a supportive peer assessment to help agencies:

  • improve procurement planning and the quality of decision making
  • focus on achieving the best value for money over the whole-of-life
  • identify opportunities to collaborate with other agencies to achieve cost savings and other benefits.

Review process

More information on the timing and process is available on the Review of significant procurements page.