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Registering your school

If you wish to register your interest around the all-of-government (AoG) programme:

  1. Fill in the information in the registration form below.
    You will need to provide some small details about your school so that we can keep on our records, such as address, school size and principal name.
  2. Don’t forget to click on the acceptance of the terms and conditions of the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before submitting your registration.
  3. The primary contact you have identified will soon receive access to inSource, a secure, web-based library of the most up-to-date information on All-of-Government contracts on our website. You will be able to login, view and download current supplier catalogues, contact details, pricing, calculators, and other contract management tools.

Please note: This is a read only library and you cannot place orders for goods from the library

Is my school eligible?

Accessing these preferential government rates comes with some restrictions and added commitments:

  • All fully integrated and partially integrated State Schools are eligible to sign up on a voluntary basis. Schools are required to purchase from the panel providers for the goods that are listed on the AoG catalogue for the contracts they have signed up for.
  • If a supplier cannot meet your specific requirements then schools can continue to purchase these items separately.
  • AoG contracts are available for schools to purchase items that will be used in the classroom and in the running of the school. The goods must not be on-sold to pupils.



This is an online library of up-to-date information on AoG contracts. You can view the downloaded information for your contract management purposes. You cannot place orders for the goods that you need through this area.

Find out more on How do i sign up and organising access for multiple users under inSource registration.


Online Registration

School Information
School Address
Principal Information
Primary Contact Information
Categories of Interest
Please select the categories that you are interested in receiving the "all-of-government" pricing models for. We will send you further information and advise the AoG suppliers of your interest.
Non-Disclosure Agreement
By ticking the box, you agree that you have read, understood and accepted the following terms and conditions:

1. You represent, warrant and undertake that you have the full power, capacity and authority to accept these terms and conditions for and on behalf of your School.

2. These terms and conditions constitute legal, valid and binding obligations of your School.

3. Your School agrees that it will:

(a)    treat as confidential all information available on this website or provided

         to you by the Ministry (Confidential Information), and only use such          Confidential Information in connection with purchasing products and

         services under any AoG contract (the Purpose);

(b)    only disclose or provide access to Confidential Information to any of your

         School's trustees, offers, employees or agents (Personnel) on a need-to-

         know basis for the Purpose;/

(c)    take all reasonable steps to ensure that electronic and hard copies of

         Confidential Information are not available for viewing by Personnel who

         do not have a genuine need-to-know for the Purpose;

(d)    not disclose or provide access to, and ensure that Personnel do not

         disclose, Confidential Information to any other person, except to any

         accounting, legal or technical professional for the purposes of providing

         professional services to your School in relation to the Purpose, but only if

         the recipient has given a prior written undetaking to your School on

         terms substantially similar to these terms and conditions

(e)    not use Confidential Information to support any negotiations outside of

         the AoG programme.

(f)    destroy or return to the Ministry Confidential and related login details

          (including user names and passwords) at the Ministry's request; and

(g)    consult with the Ministry before disclosing or providing access to any

          Confidential Information to any third party where it is required by law to

          disclose or provide access to that information.

4. The obligations in these terms and conditions continue indefinitely (or until

          such a time as notified by the Ministry in writing).

If you accept these terms please click the box below:

Last updated 31 January 2017