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Working together as one

This focus area aims to move from one of distributed leadership and siloed working; to strong central leadership and oversight of the system and a view that government is one customer.

A key initiative is to create leadership within the procurement system at sector level, including direct lines of accountability to the centre. This is likely to involve appointing high-calibre ‘sector leads’ in different areas, eg construction; ICT; social services; and corporate services. Sector leads will have deep insights into their sectors and can guide the behaviours and practices of agencies and suppliers towards improving delivery, adopting more innovative and flexible practices, and co-ordinating activities where it makes sense.

Progress on working together as one

  • A sector leadership working group, made up of procurement practitioners from key agencies, policy representatives from the Treasury and Public Service Commission, and Business NZ has been designing options for a sector-based leadership model. This participative design approach was aimed at ensuring the adopted model works effectively for all parties.
  • The Minister has now endorsed progressing further detailed design work and stakeholder engagement on sector leadership, with an update to Ministers by December 2022.
  • The sector leadership working group will progress this work, including further engagement with agencies, suppliers and NZGP to help inform this work.
  • We are continuing to focus on planning/establishing greater partnership across the system (NZGP, agencies and suppliers) and with iwi/Māori peak bodies, to ensure we have the right levels of participative design and broader ownership of this programme.
  • An independent facilitator has been commissioned to run a concept lab for the strategic relationship management and next generation collaborative contracts projects – these will involve representative groups from the system (NZGP, agencies and suppliers) and will run during October/November.