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Data and systems

Moving the procurement system from poor data collection, limited transparency, incompatible technology and no agreed standards, to an integrated procurement platform with high quality data and insights. Focusing on making technology and information enablers more accessible to support agency procurement and improve the digital experience for suppliers.

An integrated data management system will create common data standards across the system. This allows for fuller and more in-depth analysis and reporting of procurement data and information. It will build a more complete picture of overall government procurement in support of the government’s priorities and objectives.

Better data practices will help agencies to understand problems and develop solutions. Access to accurate reporting on procurement activity will help agencies and suppliers find new opportunity to create value, assess risk and improve resilience in the procurement system.

Developing a one-stop shop procurement platform, will simplify engaging with procurement teams across government and make it easier to do business. This will reduce administration tasks for everyone and increase the ability for suppliers to work more seamlessly with agencies.

Progress and plans


We completed our work on the current data model and data dictionary. The lessons and opportunities will inform our next steps. This is part of our open contracting data standards analysis.

We ran a Big Room Event (BRE) for the procurement catalogue system (PCS) between 9 and 11 May. This was the second stage of our procurement process for the PCS. We received great feedback from everyone who attended and selected a preferred respondent on the last day. We're now going through the due diligence process ahead of signing a contract.

We're testing embedded forms for the Document Builder to making sure they meet accessibility standards.

At the May CoLabs, we asked agencies and suppliers what data and info would make their job easier. Their feedback will inform the data standards and requirements.


The Government Electronic Tender Service (GETS) dashboard was released. This is the first version of the dashboard.

Data dashboards

We’ll continue to make improvements based on the feedback we receive. It's part of our commitment to the Open Government Partnership. It can help agencies strengthen their planning, preparation and analysis of procurement performance.

We're documenting the current state data model and data dictionary. This will assist our strategic data transparency work. MBIE’s Māori Digital Data and Insights team are helping us to understand data sovereignty risks and issues. Summaries of our findings and options are being prepared to help plan next steps.

Our Big Room Event (BRE) takes place from Tuesday 9 May over three days. This is the second stage of our process for the procurement catalogue system (PCS). The goal of the BRE is to make an informed and decisive choice of preferred respondent for the PCS. This should result in work starting sooner and reduce the time to get this project to delivery. The BRE is part of a Lean Agile Procurement process. This is a great opportunity for NZGP to upskill and add Lean Agile Procurement to our kete (basket).

We're developing and testing the Document Builder platform to meet accessibility standards.


The GETS dashboard was presented to the Procurement Functional Leaders Group (PFLG). The dashboard takes publicly available information from GETS and makes it visual and interactive.

The PCS Registration of Interest have closed. We’re evaluating responses. Shortlisted respondents will be invited to a Lean Agile Procurement Big Room Event.