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Apply for eligibility

You can apply through this form to use the collaborative contracts if you're not:

  • part of the New Zealand Public Sector, or 
  • already on the approved agencies list.

The information provided in, or in connection with, this application form will assist MBIE (as Procurement Functional Leader for the New Zealand Government) in assessing the agency’s eligibility to join any collaborative contract under the Eligibility Test.

Find out how the eligibility test is applied if you are not part of the New Zealand Public Sector.

Applications should be processed within 10 business days of completing the form. We'll send you a letter to confirm whether or not you've been approved.


Agency details
Contact person details
Can the agency indemnify the Lead Agency in connection with its procurement of products and/or services?

Note: You must answer this question for your application to be considered. This question is for information purposes and does not place any obligations on your agency to indemnify the Lead Agency. Please confirm whether the agency is capable of indemnifying the Lead Agency.

Eligibility requirements

Complete this section if the agency is capable of being owned (eg it is a company).

Complete this section only if the agency is not capable of being owned, but it has a governing body (eg it is a statutory body or trust).

Complete this section only if the agency is not capable of being owned and does not have a governing body (eg it is an Appeal Authority).

*The phrase “central or local government” means any of the persons, organisations or entities listed in the Eligibility Test.

Terms and conditions
  • the information provided in this Application Form in respect of the agency named above is true, accurate and complete; and
  • I have the delegated authority to issue and sign this Application Form, and to provide and certify the information attached to it, for and on behalf of the agency named above