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Using the external recruitment services contract

This page provides step by step instructions on how to use the All-of-Government (AoG) external recruitment services contract. You may also find additional resources on this page.

Using this contract

  • 1
    Determine your requirements

    Start by determining your service requirements, and what capability and capacity you already have within your agency. This will help you establish what you need to source from the panel. Is your requirement for:

    • a single role? 
    • a specific project? 
    • a long-term arrangement to deliver over a period of time? 
    • what will the job description look like?
  • 2
    Decide on a selection process

    Depending on your agency’s needs, the scale of your requirements, your budget and timeframes, you can select providers from the panel in one of two ways.

    1. You can direct source a provider, based on the information provided here and/or your own market knowledge and experience. 
    2. You can complete a secondary selection process, where you go out to a number of providers from the panel.

    We’ve gone through a robust procurement process to select the panel providers, so there’s no need to test the entire panel every time you have a requirement.

  • 3
    Complete a Recruitment Services Order (RSO)

    Once you’ve selected a provider, an RSO – or alternative – must be completed and agreed by your agency. As part of this, you may wish to provide a briefing to the provider in person, or over the phone. This ensures they have a thorough understanding of your requirements and you get the best possible outcome.

    The provider may not provide their services until your agency has approved the RSO.
    All other documentation, like job descriptions, that are generated as part of the delivery of services can be referenced in, or attached to, the RSO as appendices.

    Alternative methods of engagement

    The RSO can be substituted with an alternate method of engagement if it follows a similar process and contains the same key elements as in the RSO.

    What goes into an RSO or an alternative engagement document

    At a minimum, we recommend you include:

    • a statement reading ‘This Recruitment Services Order is subject to the All-of-Government Services Agreement relating to Recruitment Services between the Provider and Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (on behalf of All-of-Government), dated month/year.’ 
    • title of the vacancy 
    • line manager or contact person’s name and email address 
    • description of the services sought – specify the job family and any additional services required 
    • required time frames to fill the vacancy 
    • proposed start and end dates for contractors and temporary assignments 
    • anticipated costs – broken down into: 
      • salary/temporary pay/contractor pay 
      • provider fee 
      • on-costs 
      • additional services (specified) 
      • expenses (specified) 
      • administration fee.

    Details for the vacancy and the requirements, eg job description, service and deliverables for contractors, could be attached in a separate document.

    RSO templates can be found in Contract resources.

  • 4
    Brief your work

    Even the most well written RSO may not give a provider the full picture. As part of your RSO process, it can be a good idea to provide some sort of briefing to any providers you send it to.

    A written RSO only gives a high level overview of the skill set required. A briefing can help explain the other factors that may be hard to put into words, like organisational fit and the kind of experience you need the candidate to have.

    The type of role you want to fill will determine how much time and effort you put into the briefing. For example, a provider will need far less information regarding a short term temp compared to a permanent role.

    The most important thing is that you treat all providers equally and give them all the same information in your briefing.

  • 5
    Place the candidate

    The provider will complete the services as outlined in the RSO.

  • 6
    Communicate the decision

    After the RSO has been agreed and approved, you should ensure that you let the unsuccessful providers know that the role has been filled.

    Where appropriate you should also offer the courtesy of a debrief. This doesn’t need to be an onerous task – it could be a simple phone call to give the provider an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of their candidate. It’ll give the providers an opportunity to improve their future candidate submissions.

    As part of the original market engagement, we’ve already determined:

    • fit-for-purpose 
    • financial/commercial stability 
    • terms and conditions, and 
    • other due diligence requirements.

    Any additional requests as part of a selection process should be kept to a minimum.

  • 7
    Complete a post engagement survey

    Your provider is required to send you a survey to complete within 10 days of the engagement being completed. It is important that you complete this so that we can continue to monitor the performance of the panel. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions.

    Client satisfaction survey

    End of process

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