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Common Web Platform

Part of: ICT Services Syndicated

The Common Web Platform (CWP) is a platform-as-a-service offering for the creation and hosting of government websites.

Key details


Current View dates Expires 16/09/2021



Lead agency

Department of Internal Affairs

How it works

The Common Web Platform (CWP) offers more services than a web hosting solution but is not a software as-a-service product. Services offered in this contract include patching, disaster recovery, an online code repository and a co-funded development pool.

For more information, and to join and buy off the contract, visit the Common Web Platform.

Common Web Platform - digital.govt.nz

Dates and renewal details

Current Expires 16/09/2021
Start date:
Current term end date:
Contract Terms:
Three years + two rights of renewal of two years + 12 month extension
Renewals left: none

Joining this contract

Please contact the lead agency in the first instance with any queries related to joining this contract.

For more information, see Common Web Platform - digital.govt.nz.