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Carbon emission reduction programme

Part of: Consultancy Professional services Letter of Offer

This Letter of Offer includes preferential government pricing for Toitū carbonreduce: a carbon emission reduction programme to measure, manage and reduce carbon emissions.

Key details




Letter of Offer


Prashant Kim

What’s covered

Toitū Envirocare is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Research, a Government-owned Crown Research Institute. Toitū Envirocare has offered preferential government pricing for their carbon emission reduction programme, Toitū carbonreduce. The programme includes:

  • Measurement and reduction services software
  • Account management support and training
  • Audit and certification services
  • Marketing and branding services

For further information on the scope of services, refer to the Letter of Offer.

How it works

The Letter of Offer includes a pricing offer for carbon management services with Toitū Envirocare. To access this programme and the government rates, follow these steps:

  1. Contact Toitū Envirocare directly on 04 382 6645 or email Prashant Kim to complete an application form.
  2. Toitū Envirocare will then provide you with a fixed quote based on the rates in the Letter of Offer.
  3. You will then have the opportunity to enter into a contract directly with Toitū Envirocare to deliver the quoted services.

Features and benefits

  • Preferential government pricing
  • Tailored public sector support and guidance including best practice business cases and solutions unique to public sector issues
  • Access to carbon management software providing customised public sector dashboards that enable benchmarking and comparability across agencies.

Savings and costs


The rates outlined in the Letter of Offer are on average 10% less than Toitū Envirocare’s standard rates.


There is no administration fee associated with this offer.


Toitū Envirocare

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