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Top talent emerges from Graduate Programme

Graduate programme
Graduate Vidushi Challapali at her desk at MBIE

New Zealand Government Procurement (NZGP) is seeking host agencies for the February 2019 rotation of its graduate programme, which develops tomorrow’s procurement leaders and provides a pool of top talent for government.

Running for four years now, this two-year programme consists of three to four six-month rotations across various government agencies. Host agencies have included Ministry of Social Development, ACC, Auckland Transport, Department of Internal Affairs, NZ Defence Force, and PHARMAC.

Graduates provide host agencies with fresh perspectives – they are young people confident in change, able to deal with myriad workplace personalities and challenges, with flexible and resilient attitudes and eager minds.

Vidushi Challapali graduated from the University of Auckland, joining the programme in February 2018. During her first rotation at the University of Auckland, she learnt the entire procurement process, from developing a project plan, to executing the contract. Her next rotation with NZGP’s policy team saw her economics background and strong interest in policy well received in relation to procurement matters.

“This rotation is giving me a better understanding of how procurement policy is used to achieve government priorities,” says Vidushi Challapali.

Successful graduates develop professional skills through mentoring, a buddy programme, training and networking events, and work on corporate procurement through to emerging priorities such as sustainability.

Magnus Whyte graduated from the University of Otago, and has been in the programme since February 2018. Procurement was new to him when he started, yet after his first six-month rotation with the Ministry for Primary Industries he had developed key understandings about procurement.

“We experience different sectors, agencies and aspects of procurement, providing for expansive learning. I’ve realised very quickly that relationship building is key - the importance of having really good relationships and understanding an agency’s needs. It’s important because procurement is a function for other people,” says Magnus.

If you have an upcoming project, graduates are a valuable and cost-effective support for teams that are stretched to deliver. If you are interested in participating, please contact Parveen Dushila. You’ll provide an opportunity for someone to learn alongside you on the project, and in return, receive fresh perspectives and valuable input for your team.